March 6, 2018

Accoutability + Consistency = Coffee


About a year and a half ago we hired a business development person at our marketing and advertising firm.

It was a big step for me since prior to that time we had never had an official sales department at our company.  I didn’t have to hire someone else to work in that area – we were growing and business was solid. It was just that the right person came along at a time when I was willing to take the chance to grow.

While she hadn’t officially sold marketing and advertising before, I believed she had the tools to be successful – and she has been – besting her first year sales goal and helping our agency grow.

Which is good for her… she really likes her coffee.

Part of our process with her on board was a weekly meeting with me to review our collective progress on sales projects with which we were each working.

Simply put, knowing we’d have to address each sales opportunity created a desire to make sure our work was done. That’s called accountability and it works in other areas just like in sales.

Decide2Be Consistent

There were weeks we didn’t feel like meeting and times I am sure I didn’t do what I should or could have – likewise for her. But we press on regardless because there is great value in consistency.

So there you have it – accountability and consistency. Not exactly flashy or exciting, but they are two of the greatest drivers of sales and business growth. They are also two of the easiest things to skip – especially in hard times.

Just adding another person (who also happens to be very capable) not only improved our overall sales, but it also forced me to improve my skills and stay on task…and that drove even more growth. In other words, the addition made me better, too.

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