January 13, 2023

A Fun Title2Catch Your Eye

Some of the best ideas are stolen (may I more politely say borrowed). 

Over 30 years ago I was a TV sales manager who called on businesses and ad agencies in Michigan. One agency founder had a fun title on his card, and I remembered that.  Fifteen years or so later, when I started my company, I decided I wanted to have some fun with our titles, as well.  Internally we all know what we do, but externally, we like to poke a little fun at the formal titles and let our experience and sunny outlook shape the language that distinguishes us. 

It's an attention getter and it’s on purpose. 

The same approach may not work in health care or finance.  It might not be great in city government, non-profit work, or in the legal profession.  But, in the world of advertising and marketing it’s a wonderful icebreaker.

And it’s intentional. 

A Different Look4Our Agency

In the past, some folks have questioned whether it comes across as unprofessional that we have a Quarterback, a Marketing Therapist, a Client Whisperer, or a Creative Alchemist.  It might do just that. People could prefer to know they are dealing with a Director of Operations, an Account Lead, or a Creative Director, but then again, they eventually figure it out and by then they are curious. 

If it does scare someone away, it probably wasn’t meant to be or wasn’t going to be a great fit for our team anyway.

It isn’t the only way we try to be unique or approach things differently, but in the universe of getting started in a business relationship, it presents an interesting calling card. We’ve done things this way for almost 14 years and it’s one of those special touches ­­that has become a habit and a part of our fabric. 

Recently as we onboarded four new employees, it gave us a chance to help them pick fun titles, stretch our creative brains, and remind everyone why it is we do what we do on our email signature and business cards.

Different is good. 

I thought so when I met the Big Cheese in 1992 and I know so now as an Advertising Czar.

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