November 20, 2013

A Big Delivery Mess

November 2013

It Isn't2Exciting

The B2Seed is typically reserved for entertaining, edgy and exciting content. This month we're going in a different direction. One of the biggest new stories of the fall has a practical application for anyone in business who interacts with customers on the web. And that's pretty much everyone.

Regardless of your political leaning, it's pretty obvious the President has a problem with Health Care Reform.

Some people think it's a good idea. Some people think it's a bad one. Interested web surfers wanted to see for themselves, but so few could. The ones who actually got to the site found it challenging, confusing and ill conceived. In this case, President Obama is the CEO. Few CEO's are deeply engaged in web site mapping or hosting or navigational decisions. We've learned from this situation that involvement in the infrastructure of your own organization's web site is definitely worth consideration.

A Simple Recommendation4You

In response to the big national news and all the intense scrutiny of the nation's most newsworthy web site, you would be wise to consider the "behind the scenes" elements of your company's web site.

Are you prepared for the volume of visitors who are seeking information? How does your site's hosting work and what are your provider's redundancies? Can you handle a large push to your site?

Is there a logical navigational system? Does your site map reflect the flow of information your potential patients are seeking? Do you even have a plan for how people will use your site?

Finally, is the site reflective of your business' work and culture and product lines? If it is, have you checked it for style issues and spelling errors?

There's nothing glamorous about these topics and questions, but asking them (and driving for answers) would have kept that other web site out of the news and will likely make your user's experience MUCH better.

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