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Karen L. Tuttle

Karen Tuttle works with 5Points Creative in a consulting role and enthusiastically supports clients with her insights and energy. A proud Roanoke College alum, Karen focused her career on healthcare administration and finance. Her leadership and team-building talents have benefitted hospitals, long-term care facilities, medical practices, and health systems. She served as President of the Virginia Healthcare Financial Management Association and spent many years cultivating relationships throughout the Commonwealth.

Karen enjoyed the unique opportunity to develop her interest in varied aspects of business, including marketing, strategy, information technology, human resources, and, of course, finance. She takes a holistic approach to management and to analysis. She is quick to get to the root cause of issues and to find meaningful solutions.

Karen possesses strong organizational and analytical skills, and she is an effective communicator who loves to speak to a crowd. She strives to teach and share her experience with others in order to help them excel, and gets a thrill from giving an assist to the team.

Yoga and watercolor painting are Karen’s current passions. She is an avid walker, and she loves to kayak. She is consumed with reading, and typically reads 100 books each year. And of course keeps a spreadsheet listing of them.

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