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The Proofing Prof

Dan Dowdy

Dan is a proofreader for 5Points Creative. He honed his proofing skills by teaching writing competency courses to college students for 20 years--hence, the name Proofing Prof. An undergraduate major in German (along with Business) helped cultivate an appreciation for language, grammar, and syntax at an early age. He’s a self-proclaimed word junkie and grammar nerd. His proofreading mission is to help people Write it Right.

Following a stint in the air force right after college, Dan worked for a Fortune 100 manufacturer in plant, international, and corporate positions. He has owned a business, taught business courses at Mary Baldwin University, facilitated leadership workshops for a local enterprise, and he writes articles and sells ads for a regional business magazine.

When not checking copy for typos and grammar glitches, Dan likes to fill his retirement days with cooking, reading, and spending time with his wife and their daughter and her family who live in Roanoke. They visit with their two sons and their families in Richmond and Fairfax as often as possible. Doting on and spoiling four grandchildren is his new job responsibility, and one he enjoys immensely.

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