Five Marketing Monsters are on the loose!

You’ve probably heard of them: Markler, Adders, Digit, Curfuzzler, and Brandon – what trouble they bring to your business! If not properly cared for, your brand may not survive. 5Points Creative’s full-service Advertising & Marketing firm professionally handles these monsters so your business can thrive.
Here’s how:


Height: 8'
Alias: Bad Marketing
Monster Ability: Frustrates business owners with poor quality ideas in product, price, place, and promotion!
Favorite Candy: Lollipops
Allergies: Analytics, teamwork, and tropical shampoos
A Well-Formed Plan: Nobody wants a Markler around – 5Points develops customized marketing strategies that attract, engage, and retain customers. With a method of combining strategy and analytics, we keep the Markler away from your ROI and most precious KPIs.


height: 6' 5"
alias: Bad Advertising
Monster Ability: Writes clumsy headlines and sneaks new print ads in outdated phone books!
Favorite Candy: Chocolate
allergies: Quick wit, new sales, and sunshine
Right on Time: A strong advertising plan starts with a connection. Connecting with your goals, your audience, and then results. Yes, you can have your low cost per impression and high conversion rate, too! 5Points creates a solid plan that delivers the right message to the right people at the right time... And keeps Adders out of the way.


Height: 6' 6"
Alias: Bad Digital
Monster Ability: Plunging search engine rankings, skyrocketing bounce rates, and sending emails to the wrong people all the time!
Favorite Candy: Gummies
Allergies: E-Commerce, viral content, and pants
Love and Share: Online safety during monster-handling is key. A full-scale digital marketing ecosystem sends Digit out of the cyber universe. Easy to use websites, targeted emails, relevant content, and engaging social media. That's all of Digit's worst nightmares (and everything we do really well).


height: 3' 8"
alias: Bad Communications
monster ability: Spoiling press conferences and constantly sending your team into crisis management.
favorite candy: Caramels
allergies: Press pickups, well-attended events, and good grammar
10-4 Loud and Clear: Less Curfuzzled messages and more clear communication! 5Points delivers the perfect arrangement of PR and communication plans to keep your brand top of mind. A toolbox of media interactions, press conferences, communication plans, message framework, and crisis management keeps your customers and employees well informed.


Height: 1'9"
Alias: Bad Branding
Monster Ability: Painful fonts, transparent logos, and abstract vocabularies
favorite candy: Sours
allergies: Cohesive brand stories, memorable visual identity, and vegan cheese
Branding Better Than Brandon: 5Points will incorporate your story with industry research to craft a brand that aligns with your mission and visually connects with your customers. We'll help develop your unique identity to make a strong impression that Brandon can't break.

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